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Global Jetta - cross border e-commerce logistics expert, service determines value, action creates the future!

Main products and product advantages of global Jetta
1: What is special line logistics
In order to facilitate and assist a certain commercial behavior, the point-to-point trunk logistics mode is to safely deliver the goods from the origin to the destination through different means of transportation.
2: Main customers of the company:
1: Amazon platform seller
2: Sellers of other cross-border e-commerce platforms
3: There are foreign trade factories or trading companies
3: Main products of the company
1: European special line (Air Canada)
2: European Shanghai style (shipping and delivery)
3: Mexico special line (Air Canada)
4: American special line (Air Canada)
5: American Shanghai style (shipping and delivery)
6: Japan special line (Air Canada)
7: Four international express (DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT agent)
8: International air transport, domestic to foreign, foreign to domestic
What is Konka pie
Air transport at the origin airport at the destination customs clearance at the destination delivery
Operation process of air dispatch of our company:
Customer orders – arrange driver to pick up – confirm cargo information – enter our warehouse – China Hong Kong Transportation – air transportation – destination customs clearance – sorting and delivery – cargo follow-up – sign in notice
1: Empty dispatch cost structure
1: China Hong Kong Transportation
2: Air transportation (important link)
3: Customs clearance and ground operation fees of foreign airports
4: Destination tax (important link)
5: Destination delivery (important link)
2: Our company mainly ships to airports and cooperative airlines
Hong Kong Airport
Advantages: Hong Kong is a world-famous aviation transit center and Asian logistics distribution center, with many international routes, stable flights, sufficient positions, strong timeliness stability, access to live products and simple customs declaration. (the price is slightly higher than that of domestic airports)
Domestic airports (mainly Guangzhou Airport)
Advantages: the price is slightly cheaper than that of Hong Kong airport, which can save air transportation expenses and reduce costs. (disadvantages: the customs declaration process is cumbersome, the inspection rate of government agencies is high, and live electricity related products cannot be produced.)
3: Long term strategic cooperation signed by our company and time limit:
Cathay Pacific CX (direct)
BA (direct flight)
EVA Airways Br (high-end transfer, 1-2 days service)
Singapore Singapore Airlines SQ (high-end transfer, 1-2 days service)
Virgin vs (direct)
Emirates EK (high-end transfer, 1-2 days service)
Asiana Airlines oz (high-end transfer, 1-2 days service)
Lufthansa LH (high-end transfer, 1-2 days service)
JAL JL (high-end transfer, 1-2 days service)
United Airlines UA (direct flight)
China Southern Airlines CZ (direct flight)
Thai Airways TG (transfer 2-day service)
Malaysia Airlines MH (transfer 2-day service)
4: Our European Special Line
UK (signed on 5-6 working days)
Germany / France (6-7 working days)
Italy / Spain / Poland / Czech Republic / (7-8 working days)
5: Advantages of our European dedicated line
1: Word of mouth / Brand: after four years of sound operation, the company focuses on the field of cross-border e-commerce special line logistics, emphasizes service, focuses on customer experience, operates in good faith, has a good market reputation, a certain market share and stable cooperative supply chain resources.
2: Professional (European special line is the company’s flagship product. The company has been deeply engaged in the field of European special line for 4 years, is very familiar with all links of air transportation and foreign customs clearance, has rich experience, is a first-hand dealer in the industry, operates the whole process by itself, has strong control, and sets up its own branches and transit warehouses abroad)
3: Security / stability (a) safe and stable supply chain / China Hong Kong transportation / customs sealing mode / low customs inspection rate are selected. B. aviation fixed positions / sufficient positions / 5-8 fixed flights per day in off-season / 8-12 fixed flights per day in peak season / extremely stable flights. C. UK customs clearance / in-depth cooperation with real customs clearance banks / compliance with UK customs clearance process / customs duty payment (5-6 / kg tax payment) /No serious low declaration / no return of VAT / customs supervision warehouse customs clearance / very experienced in customs clearance / familiar with foreign tax / Legal Affairs)
4: Professional service (A: since its establishment, the company has paid great attention to customer experience / service awareness quality / service literacy / service quality. B: high cooperation within the team / very familiar with the operation process / professional training must be provided before work / familiar with FBA cargo operation links / clear job responsibilities of all departments / all departments set KPI mechanism centered on customers)
6: Our daily shipment time schedule:
Shipment on Monday — arrival on Tuesday — flight on Wednesday — landing on Wednesday or Thursday — customs clearance and withdrawal on Thursday or Friday
Shipment on Tuesday — arrival on Wednesday — flight on Thursday — landing on Thursday — customs clearance or withdrawal on Friday
Shipment on Wednesday – arrival on Thursday – flight on Friday – landing on Sunday – customs clearance next Monday + withdrawal
Shipment on Thursday – arrival on Friday – flight on Saturday, landing on Sunday or next Monday – customs clearance next Tuesday + withdrawal
Shipment on Friday – arrival on Saturday – flight on next Monday – landing on next Tuesday – customs clearance on Wednesday + withdrawal
European shipping
1: European maritime structure (maritime transportation – foreign customs clearance – terminal unpacking, goods distribution – express delivery)
Our shipping advantages:
1: Word of mouth / Brand: after four years of sound operation, the company focuses on the field of cross-border e-commerce special line logistics, emphasizes service, focuses on customer experience, operates in good faith, has a good market reputation, a certain market share and stable cooperative supply chain resources.
2: Weekly fixed container loading, direct shipping schedule, arrival 22-24 days after departure, port of departure: Yantian, port of destination, felixton, UK, customs clearance, in-depth cooperation with real customs broker / compliance with UK customs clearance process / payment of customs duties (5-6 / kg tax) / no serious low declaration / no refund of VAT / customs supervision warehouse customs clearance / very rich experience in customs clearance / familiar with foreign tax / Legal Affairs)
3: In order to ensure the safety of goods, the warehouse shall strictly control the products, and the domestic container packing method shall be used for customs declaration.
4: The timeliness is stable. Direct shipping schedule is adopted. It only takes about 5 days for foreign customs clearance + unpacking. Express delivery (DPD, UPS) is adopted in foreign countries. There is no need to make an appointment. The warehousing time is fast and the product shelf time is fast. The whole process is valid and signed in 30-35 days after sailing.
5: High cost performance, higher than similar products (railway)
Mexico special line
Our Shenzhen warehouse – China Hong Kong Transportation – air transportation – Mexico City customs clearance – delivered by well-known Mexican express companies
1: It can provide Mexican tax number to help customers create FBA delivery plan of Mexico station. It is one of the logistics service providers officially recommended by Amazon and has a certain market voice, market share and reputation (key points).
2: The company’s Aviation Division is rich in resources, with direct flights or high-end flights. Common aviation divisions: Cathay Pacific (direct flights), Mexico Airlines (direct flights), British Airways (high-end transfer flights)
3: Familiar with the Mexican customs operation process, the company has rich operation experience and strong response ability. The company began to operate the Mexico special line in May 2016, the first batch of companies to open the Mexico special line in the market.
What are the four international express
Market express account source
(mainland account, Hong Kong agent account, third party trade account)
Our American FBA warehousing goods are mainly coordinated by four express deliveries
1: Through setting up its own overseas branches, the company has its own DHL and UPS accounts. It knows very well about the operation of the express account. It can load its own vehicles in Hong Kong and deliver goods in Hong Kong / mainland. The account has strong control and can avoid warehouse discharge in the light and peak seasons. Our company mainly promotes DHL and UPS services.
2: Foreign branches can assist in customs clearance without tariff prepayment, and can timely provide cargo information to connect with the customs or the four express companies to speed up the processing efficiency of problem parts.
3: With strong flexibility and operability, the account number for general shipment in the market, our company can achieve resource integration and diversified selectivity, and can recommend corresponding services according to the timeliness requirements.
4: With rich operation experience, it is recommended to choose express channels according to the timeliness requirements and cost performance. A. DHL or Fedex is recommended for goods below 71kg, because UPS has little price advantage for small goods. B. DHL is recommended for goods with multiple pieces of the whole ticket, because DHL is the calculation method of the whole ticket, and UPS is charged by single piece carry. C. UPS can be selected for goods above 71kg, because UPS has high cost performance Higher. D. UPS is divided into blue list and red list. UPS can choose different time effective services according to its own needs. E. live products are usually shipped with a third-party account (Hong Kong account and foreign account). F. the products are relatively sensitive products. DHL is recommended. DHL has stronger customs clearance ability.
5: Our company’s American FBA express prescription (DHL prescription 3-4 working days, UPS red order prescription 3-4 working days, UPS blue order prescription 5-6 working days)

Six reasons why customers choose us
Independent European dedicated line, overall one-hand operation, express pre customs clearance operation, customs clearance takes only one day, and the customs clearance capacity is very strong. Control every link of cargo operation in real time, and conclude long-term and stable cooperation with major well-known airlines. At least three direct flights and four high-end Airlines transfer flights every week, with sufficient space and timeliness.
Los Angeles, the United States, has its own branch. Relying on the geographical advantages of our U.S. branch, it has launched a series of fine head-on services, mainly through the four express channels, supplemented by the U.S. special line. The four express channels (DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT) ship goods. It provides real importers free of charge without tariff prepayment. American colleagues assist in cargo customs clearance free of charge.
Zero profit additional services, our company has its own branches in the United States and the United Kingdom, which can provide zero profit high-quality services for our old customers: free return address, replacement of SKU bar code, product secondary packaging, secondary warehousing, preliminary product testing, product return home, etc.
Since 2012, the core team of the company has focused on cross-border e-commerce logistics, familiar with the logistics requirements of major e-commerce, extremely rich industry operation experience, familiar with various channel trends, helping customers optimize logistics solutions and significantly reduce logistics costs.
Service determines value and action creates the future. Based on the pragmatic and enterprising, efficient operation and service-oriented work style, the global Jetta people work together from top to bottom and have a tacit understanding of team cooperation, so as to truly focus on customer experience.
Free door-to-door pick-up in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. In order to strive for the best quality and timeliness, the goods were operated on the same day.
Global Jetta - cross border e-commerce logistics expert, service determines value, action creates the future!
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