What are the processes and advantages of one-piece consignment in overseas warehouse?

Many small partners know FBA and overseas warehouse one-piece consignment, but the combination of the two has been the choice of most sellers. What are the operating steps and advantages of consignment in overseas warehouse?

Cross border e-commerce exports goods to overseas warehouses in the form of general trade, and completes the first journey transportation in the form of batch delivery. It is necessary to save costs if goods are delivered sporadically by international express. However, there are high requirements for the financial pressure and selection ability of goods preparation. One piece consignment can reduce the financial pressure, but the cost of sporadic delivery by international express is very high, and the logistics timeliness may not meet the requirements.

Combination of the two – One-piece consignment in overseas warehouse and Amazon FBA are one of the current trends. One-piece consignment in overseas warehouse can be directly sent overseas from overseas, reducing logistics waiting time, more convenient after-sales processing and low logistics cost.

Operation process of one-piece consignment in overseas warehouse:

1: The Seller shall arrange express delivery to the warehouse in the United States;

2: The warehouse shall count the goods received and put them on the shelves;

3: When a buyer places an order on the platform, the buyer uploads the order in the warehouse system;

4: The warehouse receives the order, distributes goods and delivers goods, and sends goods locally / internationally in the United States;

5: The buyer receives the order item.

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